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materi Bahasa Inggris Semester 2 kelas XI

Bahasa Inggris Semester 2

Attention adalah ungkapan yang digunakan untuk menunjukkan perhatian terhadap suatu berita yang kita dengar. Berikut ini adalah ungkapan yang digunakan untuk menyatakan perhatian.
Expression of Asking Attention :
Listen, I have interesting news!
Have you heard about the news recently?
Do you watch the news last night?
I have got some interesting news...
Oh, I see..
Hmm... (Uh uh...)
Expressin of Responding of Attention:
       Tell me more about it!
       What is it about?
       What news?
Examples of Attention :
Andi      : Have you heard the news?
Ali         : What news?
Andi      : Mali pulled off a stunning fight back to draw 4-4 with Angola after trailing 4-0 with 11 minutes left in the opening game of the Africa Cup of Nations.
Ali         : Really, it must be very interesting games last night.
Andi      : Yach, you should watch it.
       Dalam percakapan diatas Andi menggunakan ungkapan “have you heard the news?” untuk memulai memberikan berita yang menarik kepada Ali. Ungkapan-ungkapan yang lain yang telah dijelaskan juga dapat digunakan untuk mengawali memberikan sebuah berita yang menarik.
Read this dialog and answer the questions!
Vira              : I brought some sandwiches. Do you want some (hands a sandwich to Nely)
Melly     : Thank you. (Nely takes the sandwich) It’s very delicious. Fantastic taste.
Vira              : I made them by myself.
Melly     : Really? Tell me how to make them.
Vira              : OK. First, take two slices of bread. Put a slice of butter on each slice. Then cut some cheese into slices.
Melly     : Uh.. uh.. and then?
Vira              : After that, place the cheese slices on a piece of bread. Finally, put the other piece of bread on top.
Questions :
1.           Who brought sandwiches?
2.         Does Melly take the sandwich?
3.         Did Vira make them by herself or did she buy them?
4.         What do you call the italicised phrases in the dialogue?
5.         What are the ingredients for a sandwich?

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